No plans to buy Private Jet- GOVT.

Written by  Newsroom

The State House says the Malawi Government does not plan to purchase a Presidential Jet.


In a statement, the State House says it is clarifying facts which the Minister of Information said pertaining to Government response to Presidential means of transport on official duties.


The Minister explained about the burden and flight delays whenever the President is traveling using commercial flights.


The Minister suggested that if Malawi owned a private jet, problems faced during these travels would not have been there.


The State House says the Minister did not indicate that the Malawi Government must purchase a private jet for President Mutharika.

The statement further read that the Mutharika Administration has no plans of buying a Presidential Jet for Malawi.


The State House is urging any media house to verify any information before publishing stories to do with the President of Malawi or the Malawi Government Policy.


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