Spanish doctors offer free eye treatment in Malawi

Written by  Akimu Kaingana

Spanish doctors have been carrying out eye surgeries at Likuni Hospital in Lilongwe, restoring sight to people, especially the elderly who completely went blind.

Patient receiving treatment at Likuni hospital Patient receiving treatment at Likuni hospital

The operations were being conducted at Likuni Mission Hospital for free.

“The operation is done in about 10 minutes and the following day, somebody who was blind is able to see again,” said Dr. Elena Barraquer who is the team leader for the visiting eye specialists.

Spanish Team Leader

Their major interest, are patients who have a medical condition known as cataract- which makes people blind and is common among the elderly.

Principal Hospital Administrator of Likuni Mission Hospital Sister Agnes Lungu thanked the Spanish doctors for their kind gesture.


She however said due to lack publicity of the eye camp, the doctors were seeing less number of patients a day, than what could have been the ideal situation.

The lead doctor, Elena Barraquer said in other countries they attend to over 40 patients in a day.

At Likuni hospital, they only managed to see 13 patients the first two days.

The Spanish doctors arrived in the country on 26th April from Democratic Republic of Congo where they had a similar exercise and will leave on Saturday, May 2, for Tanzania. 

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