Govt. clarifies Private Jet confusion

Written by  Newsroom

Government has clarified the matter surrounding a private jet which President Mutharika used when he visited the United States.

Mutharika chartered the Jet from Malawi to Dubai Mutharika chartered the Jet from Malawi to Dubai

In a Press Statement, the State House says the President chartered the Jet from Malawi to Dubai and not to the USA.    

The State House says this was done for the convenience of the President in getting into the USA without further flight delays as the connection from Dubai is direct to the USA.


The State House has urged media houses to solicit correct information from either the Information Minister or from the Press Secretary before publishing stories to do with the President of Malawi.     


Meanwhile the State House says it is pleased with comments on the article that appeared in The Daily Times of Wednesday April 29th on the need for Malawi to own a Presidential Jet.


The State House says it has noted through the debate in the paper that Malawians would like to own a Presidential Jet just like other Countries in the World whose Presidents have easy and convenient means of transportation.  


It says this is healthy enough in a democratic Malawi where economists and politicians can debate and come up with a tangible solution to transport problems faced by the First Citizen.   

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