Kasambara has a case to answer

Written by  Eunice Ndhlovu

In the ongoing Mphwiyo shooting case in Lilongwe judge Michael Ntambo ruled that three of the six accused persons have a case to answer.


The three are former justice minister Raph Kasambara, and the first accused Macdonald Kadzuwa and Pika Manondo.

Judge Ntambo said evidence provided by state in court suggested that there was indeed conspiracy among the accused.


In his delivery of the ruling judge Ntambo said the first and third accused Macdolnad Kumwembe and Pika Manondo will answer all the charges of attempted murder and conspiracy.

The second accused Robert Kadzuwa who was answering one charge of conspiracy was aquited together with the sixth accused osward Lutepo who was also answering the same charge.


The forth accused Raphael Kasambara will answer only one charge of conspiracy as he was acquitted on attempted murder charge.

And the fifth accused Dauka Manondo has been acquitted on both charges.


Judge Michael Ntambo said the evidence provided by state suggests that the three had communicated before and after the shooting and other evidence provided also pointed at three to the case of which they are to enter defence.


He has however set 22 May for preliminary issues to enter defence .

Paul Mphwiyo the former budget director was shot out side his house in area 43 on 13 September 2013 among rumors on the famous cash gate scandal where civil servants swindled capital hill huge sums of money.

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