Assaulted Mchinji teenage wife responding well to treatment

Written by  Mirriam Kaliza

Linda Phulani an 18 year old woman who was severely beaten over a week ago by her husband John Yasini using steel chains and rods for visiting a friend without his consent is responding well to treatment, according to Mchinji District Hospital officials.

Minister of Gender Kaliati visits 18 year old Linda Minister of Gender Kaliati visits 18 year old Linda

Phulani who got married to Yasini in January this year has never been allowed out of the compound without the husband’s knowledge.

She explained that she got beaten because her jealous husband accused her of cheating.

The teenager sustained deep cuts on her buttocks and her back from the steel chain whips, rendering her unable to do anything on her own.

“We were only the two of us in the house. He tied my hands and legs. As if this was not enough, he continued with the beating in the morning”. Explained Phulani on her hospital bed.

Her sad story has caught the attention of many including Minister of Gender Patricia Kaliati who expressed shock over such an act of brutality and savagery.

Kaliati bemoaned the experience Linda has gone through adding that it should not be allowed to happen to any married woman in the country.

The Minister who visited Linda at the Hospital said she sympathized with the teenager and applauded the media for bringing the incident to the public.

“The perpetrators are supposed to have a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 21 years in jail, and as it is, it’s not even to do with the issue of minimum but the maximum because this is grave. It is really killing because he didn’t think of the life of Linda” said Kaliati.

At Linda’s home village, Tembwe, in Chief Mlonyeni’s area in the district, Kaliati urged chiefs and parents to discourage early marriages.

Linda’s husband John Yasini is remanded at Maula Prison.

This case is one of worst reported cases of Gender-Based Violence. Another case that shocked the nation was that of Marietta Samuel who has lived without arms since 2006 after they were chopped off by her then husband Herbert Mankhwala.

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