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APM's commitment to eliminate social injustices commended

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People Living with Albinism president Boniface Masa has commended the Malawi leader Professor Peter Mutharika over his prompt reaction to Albino killings and abductions in the country.


Masa described President Mutharika's statement as timely in the light of the resurfacing of Albino killings across the country.

Masa said the President's statement in which he asked the judiciary to be issuing stiffer punishment to perpetrators is not only timely but welcome.

"The President made it very clear that even he himself would want to see a Malawi nation that would issue stiffer punishment to these people who are killing or abducting people with albinism and he also strongly asked the police and the judiciary to work together; so for us that's really a sign of hope," explained Masa.

Masa said he would love to see the President's statement being translated into a concrete action.

"We need to see what he really emphasized in terms of stiffer punishment to be happening in Malawi, we also need to see his support from the police and once the cases have occurred we need people to be arrested and we need protection at grass root level," added Masa.

Meanwhile, the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia Education Department has bemoaned the tendency of killing and abduction of Albinos saying it is affecting education attainment of pupils living with Albinism.

The Executive Director of the Department Dr Timothy Nyasulu said stories of killings and abduction of people living with albinism equally affect such kind of pupils as they usually move with fear.

"In such cases they may even decide not to go to school; and that has a big impact on a pupil who is an albino. Him as a leader, as a State President has done the right thing to strongly condemn the malpractice," said Nyasulu.

Nyasulu, however, said the President cannot deal with the problem alone hence the need for all Malawians to join hands to support him to deal with the problem.


"That's why we say satisfaction of anything can happen if all Malawians come together and play a role in trying to deal with these problems of attacking people living with albinism and social injustices in general," Nyasulu said.


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