All remaining xenophobia victims to arrive this week

Written by  Sam Phiri

The remaining 2,200 anti-migrant attack victims currently in South Africa will arrive in the country at once, government spokesperson and Minister of Information Kondwani Nankhumwa has disclosed.

Xenophobia victims returning home Xenophobia victims returning home

The victims are supposed to leave South Africa Tuesday for Malawi aboard the 20 buses government has hired to ferry them back home.


“We have currently secured 20 buses and we are looking for more to get all the 2200 people back safely,” Nankhumwa said.

This will be the third group following the first group of 390 and the second trip that brought back 532 people.


Gift of the Givers has pledged to provide two buses to assist in repatriation of the Malawians at the camp back to Malawi within the course of the week as well as providing food packs for the other buses which will depart for Malawi carrying other stranded Malawians from South Africa.


Meanwhile the Malawi Red Cross has called on companies and organizations in the country to help xenophobic victims with items which will help them settle down with their families.


The call has been made by Malawi Red cross`s General Secretary Ethel Kaimila, as there has been an outcry from the victims that they do not have even basic household items to start a new life in their respective communities following their abrupt departure from their homes that saw them leaving behind their property.


“These people they need our help which requires organizations to unite the way we did with the flooding in alleviating their problems,” Kaimila said.

According to Kaimila, her organisation is trying to help the victims by providing blankets and three minutes of talk time using their phone but it’s not enough as most government’s initiative is ending at a point when they arrive in their homes.

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