Chaponda visits xenophobia victims in South Africa

Written by  Sam Phiri

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr. George Chaponda on Sunday visited Malawians affected by the recent xenophobia attacks in South Africa.

Over 100 Malawians taking refuge at camps in SA Over 100 Malawians taking refuge at camps in SA


The Minister, who was delegated by the state president to assess the situation on the ground, was on his way to an extraordinary SADC head of states meeting to take place in Harare Zimbabwe on Wednesday where among others the anti-migrant attacks in the rainbow nation are to take centre stage.


The minister interacted with over 100 Malawians that are being hosted at Mayfair Camp within the Anglican’s Christ Church premises in Johannesburg by the Gift of the Givers.


Among some of the horrible stories the minister heard was that some of the Malawians had to run all the way from Durban to Johannesburg seeking refuge at the Gift of Givers camp.

They indicated to the Minister their willingness to return to Malawi at the earliest opportunity.


Chaponda has assured them that government is committed to repatriate all willing Malawians back to Malawi and have them reintegrated back into their communities.

He also assured them that the Malawi government has embarked on a process of creating jobs in Malawi with an aim of addressing the current issues of unemployment which leads most Malawians to trek to South Africa in search of greener pastures.


“The community colleges aim at imparting entrepreneurship skills to young men and women like you with a view to creating jobs in our country,” the Minister said to the victims who looked appreciative to government’s efforts.


He however indicated that the Malawi government would further engagethe South African government on the issue.

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