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Stop conniving with vendors – Pres. Mutharika warns ADMARC officials

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President Peter Mutharika has described as outrageous and criminal for ADMARC officials to be conniving with vendors who buy maize at night and later sell the same to poor and needy Malawians at exorbitant prices.


In a press statement he made on Wednesday at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe, the President strongly warned those involved in such atrocities to stop forthwith, otherwise if caught, they will be sent to jail without mercy.

The Malawi leader said Government bought consignments of maize enough to cater for the country's hunger needs and as such there should have been enough stock in all ADMARC depots. However, the President has learnt that there is critical shortage of the food commodity at many ADMARC depots.


These reports have angered the President who has described this development as outrageous and criminal.

"More sadly I have been told that there is critical shortage of maize at many ADMARC depots. I am further informed that some ADMARC officials are conniving together with some criminal maize vendors to buy ADMARC maize at night and sell it to poor Malawians elsewhere at very exorbitant prices. In some places, poor Malawians are forced to buy this maize at MK15,000.00 per 50Kg bag because they cannot find maize at ADMARC . Consequently, some of them are now starving. This is outrageous and most criminal," explained President Mutharika.

In view of this criminality President Mutharika strongly warned both ADMARC officials and the criminal ADMARC maize vendors to forthwith desist from such malpractices.


He said he has instructed the Police to investigate thoroughly and take appropriate action.

The Malawi leader appealed to all descent Malawians to examine their conscious and reflect deeply about what he has repeatedly talked about on Patriotism, Hard work and Integrity.

At least 2.8 million Malawians face serious shortage of maize and are in dire need of food assistance.

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