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The First Couple congratulates Mwawi Kumwenda

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President Peter Mutharika and Madame Gertrude Mutharika have expressed their joy in congratulating Mwawi Kumwenda for emerging a winner in the International World Games Association (IWGA) Athlete of the Year Award.


Writing on his Facebook page President Mutharika said him and the First Lady join Malawi and Africa to congratulate Mwawi Kumwenda for winning the IWGA Athlete of the Year Award at a young age.


He described it as a tremendous achievement of which the First Couple and Malawians are all proud of.


"It brings to our nation immense satisfaction when a Malawian earns such global recognition beyond our shores. Her journey to success; perseverance, hard work, commitment and patriotism will remain a source of inspiration for our young people; we hope that many will follow in her footsteps," writes Mutharika.


The First Couple wishes Mwawi continued success as she participates in the many netball events which lie ahead and wish to assure her of their full support as she continues to bring pride and glory to Malawi.


"Once again, please accept our sincere congratulations on this memorable and singular achievement. May God bless Malawi and Africa," concludes the Malawi leader.

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