Crocodiles another threat during rainy season-Police warns

Written by  Mc Donald Gondwe

Police in Nkhata-Bay have called on people in the lakeshore district to tread carefully to reduce crocodile related cases along the river and lake side.


The station’s spokesperson, Igneous Esau issued the warning following an incident involving a lunatic man who was killed by crocodiles at Lufipa River in the district.


Esau said while agricultural activity is a big business during rainy season, people should closely  observe when cultivating along the rivers, crossing streams as well as using these water sources for washing and the likes to avoid such incidences.


“Last week’s occurrence should provide a learning platform for all the people that our rivers are harboring crocodiles,” said Esau.


The Police Publicist further urged people to monitor their relatives and friends who are hare-brained.


An 18 year old Clifford Phiri, believed to be harebrained was killed by a crocodile after falling into Lufipa River in Nkhata-Bay on Friday.


Police in the district confirmed the incident with regrets as it would have been prevented if the community provided the proper guidance to the boy.


Phiri hailed from Malengasanga Village, Traditional Authority Fukamapiri in the district.


He was found with only his head and back bones when all other parts of the body had already been eaten by crocodiles.


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