Court jailed man eight years for stepdaughter defilement

Written by  Mana

Mangochi First Grade Magistrate’s Court has convicted a 62-year-old man for defilement which is contrary to section 138 of the penal code.

Man convicted for eight years over defilement Man convicted for eight years over defilement

The maximum punishment for the crime is life imprisonment when one is found liable and convicted of the same.


The accused, Jawadu Lajabu, repeatedly sexually abused his two step daughters on different occasions while his wife was away to carry out some activities in the garden outside the village.


The court further heard through Mangochi Police Station Prosecution Officer Efford Kamphonje that Lajabu committed the offence between the months of February and April this year at Malunga Village in the district.


“Your worship, the accused between February and April had unlawful carnal knowledge of a six-year-old girl being his step daughter. During the same time and place as stated in the first count he also did the same to his other eight year old step daughter,” Kamphonje told the court.


The court also learnt that the grandmother of the girls noticed that the two were having difficulties in walking which prompted her to advise their mother to seek medical attention at Mangochi District Hospital.


However, upon receiving treatment at the hospital and after being issued with medical results, the girls’ mother was further guided to take the matter to police who later arrested the accused.


Lajabu pleaded not guilty and denied the charge. However, the court found the accused guilty based on the strength of evidence provided by both the prosecution witnesses as well as the medical examination reports which were tendered as part of the evidence.


Passing sentence, First Grade Magistrate, Ronald M’bwana said it was sad that while the accused was supposed to be the first person to protect his own children despite being his stepdaughters he was the one sexually abusing them.


“The role of a man in a family is to protect his family including his children. It is sad that while you were supposed to fetch basic needs for the children you did the opposite by turning them into sex objects,” M’bwana said.


M’bwana therefore, handed down a 96 months imprisonment with hard labour to Lajabu, a penalty he said was meant to serve as a deterrent to other would-be offenders.


In mitigation, Lajabu asked the court to be lenient when passing its sentence on the grounds that he was the only old man available in the village who leads in self–help development activities which could stall if sent to prison.


Lajabu comes from Nkali Village in the area of Traditional Authority Mponda in Mangochi.


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