Govt. dismisses Primary School fees rumors

Written by  Marie Kambeja

Ministry of Education, Science and  Technology  has  expressed surprise over rumors  circulating in the  country  to the  effect that  it is intending  to reverse the  free primary  education policy.


According to the rumors  emanating  from  social media, government wants  to introduce a K5000  tuition fee with others putting the figure at K950.


Briefing  the Press in Lilongwe, Dr Joseph Chimombo, Director of Basic  Education  in the  Ministry of Education, Science  and  Technology said  the ministry cannot change the policy without proper consultation  with all stakeholders.


“The rumors are  false, baseless and  empty.  The Ministry has never discussed introduction of fees in primary school in the past sixteen months and there are no intentions to reverse the free primary education policy” said Chimombo.


He quotes Part  V (Section  13 )of  the  Education Act    as making it  clear that “  the provision of  primary education in government schools shall be  free of tuition to all and  compulsory for every child  below eighteen years of age”


Chimombo however said  parents and teachers  associations , communities and schools  may  fundraise   for development and other activities. 


He further pointed  out that  even  if this is the  case children  should have  access to education without  any barrier hence no child should be  sent  away  from school  due to failure to pay the required   development  fund.


Commenting  on  extra  classes, Chimombo said  no school is allowed to organize  fee paying extra tuition within the   school premises using  school and government resources.  

He said   disciplinary action will be taken against schools engaging in the malpractice.

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