APM calls on UNIMA to re-brand for the future

Written by  Mana

President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika says his government will continue prioritizing higher education in Malawi Universities in order to accelerate the country’s development.

Mutharika being presented with UNIMAs New Flag Mutharika being presented with UNIMAs New Flag

President Mutharika said this on Saturday at the College of Medicine Sports Complex in Blantyre during the University of Malawi Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

Mutharika said as UNIMA is commemorating 50 years of its existence, his government is committed to offering any assistance the University may need so that everyone has access to higher education in the country.

“It is important to have more research education in Malawi universities as we are commemorating the Golden Jubilee today. Notably, research is at the anchoring centre of the functions of a university. Research is more than collecting and recycling the scholarly views of others.

Research is about developing new ideas and new knowledge to re-engage those we teach, and the communities we serve, in calibrating new perspectives and solutions to human situations.

“I challenge you to turn our learning institutions especially universities to be entrepreneurship universities so that the country can achieve its goals. As we move with the changing times, the university needs to redefine itself and find its mission.

“We must choose what we want to be known for. Contemporary reflections of a modern university range from being a Teaching University; a Research University; or the Entrepreneurial University – also called the Corporate University. These conceptual categories are based on the three core functions of a university namely, teaching, researching and community service,” said Mutharika.

The Malawi leader urged UNIMA to focus much on teaching, research and community service in order to achieve relevant world class education standards.

The president has since appealed to UNIMA officials to take education seriously saying teaching profession is a gateway for any productive career.

He added; “The title of my address is “Reflecting the Academy”, because I want us to get to the bottom of your well-thought-out theme.

“Given both our output and the role played in nation building, the University of Malawi deserves to be celebrated by all Malawians. Let us agree: this university has done us a great service, and a great honour! And I believe the best is yet to come.

“The University cannot continue to be the same way as it has been. It is only logical to redefine and rebrand ourselves in order to be relevant to the future,” he said.

Earlier, Minister of Education Science and Technology, Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano said President Mutharika was committed to improving education in Malawi, and to assist the further expansion of quality higher education in this country.

Dr Fabiano said the quality of university education in Malawi is still higher because UNIMA has always been adapting any environment it has passed through for the past 50 years.

UNIMA Vice Chancellor Professor John Saka commended president Mutharika for being a Champion of Higher Education in Africa saying it is a great recognition for Malawi as a country.

Professor Saka said as UNIMA is celebrating 50 years of its existence, the most notable thing that everybody should know in mind is that the University of Malawi is an institution of human capital that serves the whole country.

Meanwhile, UNIMA presented its flag and Anthem to President Mutharika which were unveiled at the function.

During the jubilee celebrations, UNIMA presented medals of recognition to 34 members for their contribution to university service.

Politician Sam Mpasu was one of the people who were given medals for being first University of Malawi Students Union President.
The ceremony was spiced by many activities including traditional dances and showcasing of UNIMA and LUANAR activities.

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