Written by  Austin Fukula
A 20 megawatt solar powered plant is expected to be constructed in Salima. 
Chu and Egenco officials during the ceremony Chu and Egenco officials during the ceremony
This follows a contract signed between Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) and Chint Global  a Chinese company identified  for the project. 
The project will be in two phases.
Egenco disclosed that  the initial phase will start with  construction of a 10 megawatt solar power plant at Nanjoka site in Salima.
Egenco's Chief Executive Officer, William Liabunya, described the power project as a means to ensure the country has 75 percent alternative sources by 2025.
"This will help the energy sector to be vibrant and enable it to supply solar power 24 hours. We have already acquired the land at Nanjoka where the plant will be constructed and installed and upon completion the 10 megawatts will connect one million households  to the main grid," Liabunya said.
Chinti Global Limited Overseas Project Manager, Dennis Chu, has since assured Egenco and government of meeting the one year deadline. 
"We are ready to do a good job starting with feasibility study and the actual work. We have done similar works in Egypt, South Africa and other European countries",  Chu said.
Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Energy, Patrick Matanda  hailed Egenco for the Salima Solar Project which the company will finance to the tune of K10 billion.

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