Written by  Mayeso Chikhadzula

President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says it is the business of any good government to promote and protect the human rights of its people.

Dr Chakwera during the ceremony Dr Chakwera during the ceremony

The Malawi leader was speaking at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe during the swearing in ceremony of Grace Malera, the new Ombudsman, as a member of the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC).


"We need to realise the importance of human rights among Malawians,  the new Malawi is focused. We are intensifying  efforts on wealth creation, job creation, and food security, in dealing with poverty so  that Malawians have the right to prosper. " Dr Chakwera said.


The President said the provision of good governance, infrastructure development among others provide an opportunity for all Malawians to enjoy their rights.


The Malawi leader then said his Government is committed to serving and protecting Malawians from ills of injustice. He said Malawians have been assaulted for some time and that they need to be protected and be able to demand justice.


He said  organisations such as MHRC are crucial in ensuring that those overstepping the law are held accountable. 


President Chakwera also said all Malawians expect that the new member of the MHRC  will use her office for the good of all Malawians, not for the greedy and powerful.


"The framers of our Constitution had the
foresight to make provision for the establishment of independent institutions whose mandate is to protect the people from Government itself. They had such deep insight into human nature that they anticipated that there would be times when those holding public office would be induced to use the powers of the State not for the public good, but for public harm and selfish interests" added Dr Chakwera.


Chairperson for MHRC, Scader Louis, said the swearing in of Ombudsman Grace Malera as a member of the Commission signifies Government's commitment to safeguarding human rights in the country.


She appealed to Government to assist some of the challenges her office faces so that it fulfils its mandate.


Malera was sworn in as the seventh member of the MHRC, after the appointment of Martha Chizuma as the Director-General for the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB). 


On her part, Malera said she knows the high expectations people have for her office and she assured Malawians of her commitment to upholding the rule of law.



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