Written by  Mphatso Nkuonera - Mana

The country’s Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife says tourism operators are ready to render the support demanded by the industry by providing services of required standard to both, local and international clients.

Usi: All Is Set Usi: All Is Set

The portfolio’s minister, Michael Usi, made the remarks on Monday at his office in Lilongwe when responding to a question on how prepared the ministry is ahead of the country’s hosting of the sixteen-member state Southern African Development Community (SADC) 41st Summit in August, 2021.

“This is an opportunity that has come at the right time after the global village, including Malawi, is reeling from the negative impacts of COVID-19.

“….and there is this big market opening up this time, we will do everything possible to maximise the benefits from this rare opportunity,” said Usi.

The Minister further said countries that are coming are expecting the best from Malawi, therefore, the citizens must be ready to sell the country’s products from the market that has opened up.

Social Political Commentator, Humphreys Mvula, described Malawi’s hosting of the summit as a rare opportunity which should be embraced with the utmost warmth it deserves in all dimensions, to give the citizens the best harvests they expected.

Nearly 400 delegates and, Heads of State and government, will be in Malawi during the 41st SADC Summit from 9th to 18th August, 2021 and Malawi will be hosting the SADC Heads of State and Government Summit for the third time.

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