Written by  Mayeso Chikhadzula
Crocodile farming has been touted  to be one of the potential forex generators for Malawi.
Kachale at the farm Kachale at the farm
Minister of Industry, Roy Kachale, made the remarks in Salima after visiting Nyika Farms Limited.
The visit was meant to assess challenges and appreciate the  efforts being undertaken by the authorities at the crocodile farm to maximise its fullest  potential. 
"After renewing their licence which falls in the category of  Export Processing Zone Licence-EPZ, we thought it wise to visit   and hear some of the challenges the farm is facing and how Government can step in to assist," said Kachale.
The Minister  said crocodile  farming has a big potential to raise forex through exports but there's need for different stakeholders to step in and boost production.
Kachale said some banks have already shown interest to assist  in adding value to the crocodile skins.
Reg Carvalho, Managing Director for Nyika Farms, which is currently breeding over 12 thousand crocodiles, said the farm is  looking forward to  having  Government support as COVID-19 has heavily impacted on their  crocodile skin production and exports.
"We need support from Government so that we can be able to export already processed products, like shoes, bags and belts among others," said Carvalho said.
Established in 2000, Nyika Farms Limited breeds and rears crocodiles ranging from days, months  up to 60 years old for skin and meat production.
 Carvalloh said the maximum weight for one crocodile is 1.2 tonnes.  The farm is also a tourist  attraction centre as people go and see the crocodiles. The company has over 30 employees who take care of the crocodiles.

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