Written by  Edith Kayira

Kamuzu central hospital Director Dr. Jonathan Ngoma says many people suffering from COVID 19, thought to be of high status in the society, are shunning public health facilities.


Dr. Ngoma made the remarks when the presidential task force on COVID 19 visited the facility.  

Dr. Ngoma said the development is sad as the hospital fails to effectively help such patients as they present themselves to the government hospital rather late.

"Lives are being lost as the elite COVID-19 patients waste time as their condition gets worse before presenting themselves for treatment," said Ngoma

He said Kamuzu central hospital has well experienced medical personnel that are so committed in saving lives.

"Covid19 elite patients refuse to be admitted to this hospital they feel it's not befitting their status," added Ngoma.

Responding to this, Minister of Justice who is also member of the presidential task force on COVID-19 Titus Mvalo expressed concern with the behavior.

"It doesn't matter what status you have in the society, everyone gets sick," explained Mvalo.

The minister has since urged responsible authorities to sensitive people on the importance of seeking medical attention.

The presidential task force on COVID-19 visited Kamuzu central hospital to appreciate the challenges the facility is facing. During the tour it was discovered that despite government channeling resources towards the management of the pandemic, the hospital is still struggling. Among others issues the institution is still in need of more Personal Protective equipment.

Furthermore the facility doesn’t have enough oxygen to ably assist patients due to high demand.  Speaking when briefing the committee, Dr Ngoma said  a patient requires a minimum of six oxygen cylinders a day hence the need for more.    He also said lack of medical personnel is also negatively affecting the delivery of services as health workers are forced to work long hours.

He said the hospital has 1300 workers including nurses and doctors adding that 68 take care of the Covid19 patients.

Dr Ngoma said on a positive note it is encouraging that many people are recovering compared to those that are dying.

Currently Kamuzu Central hospital has 63 Covi19 patients that are admitted at the facility. The hospital is also expected to construct an infectious disease department with funding from Global fund.

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