Written by  Memory Chatonda- MANA

Vice President, Saulos Chilima has expressed disappointment over the Blantyre City Council (BCC) slow progress to grade a three kilometre Manja earth road connecting to Chimwankhunda Township.


Three months ago, the Vice President who drove to have a feel of Manja feeder road observed that the  road was in bad state requiring urgent attention and ordered BCC to grade the earth road while waiting for the road upgrading to tarmac.

On his impromptu visit to the area on his way from Nsanje, Chilima said he was disappointed to learn that the BCC failed to act as he ordered the council to do. He has since said he will take next action to see things done.

“Residents here are not happy with this road and very soon they will start accusing the Tonse government for failing to honour its promises. This is a small project in the city and this was not supposed to delay like this.

“Months ago, BCC officials were clearly told what to do but they opted not to do it. This is bad and very disappointing,” Chilima who sounded angry said.

He therefore cautioned the BCC to work with speed to efficiently and effectively provide good roads to its residents.

“Get rid of laziness and deliver meaningful developments to the residents in time. We have a lot of projects across the country and we can not keep coming here to inspect this road,” he said.

Reacting to this, BCC Director of Planning and Estates Services, Costly Chanza acknowledged the bad state of the Manja road and has since promised to grade the road to good shape to improve mobility.

“We intend to do general grading again of this road before rainy season this year and this will be followed by tarmac project.

“Currently, our engineers are working on designs of this road and on the other hand we are also soliciting funds to commence this long term tarmac project,” he said.

Chanza further disclosed that the BCC also intends to construct other bypass roads in the city to reduce traffic congestion in the main roads.

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