Written by  Austin Fukula
Timotheos Foundation has failed to meet the June 30 deadline to submit its 2020 financial management report to NGO Board. 
Timotheos management faulted. Timotheos management faulted.
In May this year, Minister of Gender and Social welfare Patricia Kaliati gave an ultimatum to Timotheos Foundation to submit its annual reports from 2015 to 2019 by  May 31 and the 2020 report by June 30 to the NGO Board as required by the NGO Act or risk closure. 
The ultimatum came amidst allegations that the foundation was capitalising on its beneficiaries and mismanaging funds meant for the poor. 
A month after the ultimatum was issued, NGO Board Chief Executive Officer, Voice Mhone, told MBC that the organisation has not submitted its 2020 report though it managed to submit 2015 to 2019 reports on time. 
“They have asked for an extension saying their auditors are still working on the report. So we have given them up to this month end to submit the 2020 report failure to meet this deadline, the law is clear, the organisation can be suspended or closed,” Mhone said.
According to NGO Board, there are over 800 registered NGOs across the country with only 27 percent of those complying by submitting their annual reports to the NGO Board as required by the law.

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