Written by  Mayeso Chikhadzula

Director of Communications at the State House Sean Kampondeni says the Labour Relations Amendment Bill has been referred to court for a judicial review.

Kampondeni stressing a point during briefing Kampondeni stressing a point during briefing

This is the bill that forced the labour unions to plan for national wide demonstrations which were cancelled after President Dr Lazarus Chakwera engaged them.


Speaking during The State House Weekly Brief,  Kampondeni said the President was delighted with the direct contact with the labour unions and other stakeholders in the country for the betterment of the nation.


"The President is always ready to engage various stakeholders on issues of national importance," Kampondeni said.


A minute of silence in honour of

Martha Chikuni was observed


On the issue of the President travelling to the United Kingdom as announced by the Director of Communication on Sunday,  Press secretary, Brian Banda, said some issues might not be tackled virtually hence the need for the President to travel.


"The president will be travelling with a very lean team to the United Kingdom whilst following all the preventive measures of COVID-19," said Banda.


On the issue of the ACB quizzing former president, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, Banda said the ACB works independently as such the Dr Chakwera has no say on the operation of the ACB.


One of the sticky issues tackled was the appointment of the President's daughter as a diplomat,  Banda said the Malawi leader made over 2,000 appointments but wondered why people are uncomfortable with the appointment.


"We at State House found this wanting. She has gone through all the processes and is qualified," added Banda.


Responding to a question if at all the President is indecisive or slow to act, Banda said  State House does not agree with the assertion emphasising that Dr Chakwera has been making good and stable decisions. Winding up, Banda reminded the nation that  COVID-19 has taken a big toll on the global economy and hence need to understand the current economic status.



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