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Organisers of this year’s Mozambique National Independence have settled for Malawi’s ‘Jamming Machine’ Skeffa Chimoto as a headliner artist.

The upcoming independence celebration in Mozambique will commence on 24 June climaxing on 25 June, Mozambique’s Independence Day.

Malawi’s Consular General for the Province of Tete and Mozambique, Happy Madikah Sakah, said the development is a manifestation of servant leadership being championed by President Dr Lazarus Chakwera.

Happy Madikah Saka, Malawi Consul General to Mozambique 


“The Malawi leader, President Dr Lazarus Chakwera is a man of the people. He makes sure we live peacefully with all people within and outside of Malawi. The strong ties between Malawi and Mozambique also extend to socio-cultural activities. Hence the invitation of Malawi’s artist, Skeffa Chimoto, to headline the musical performances,” said Sakah.

“Let me applaud Wisdom Magagula of Magagula Fresh Farms who is footing all expenses to have Skeffa perform in Mozambique, this is what we call patriotism,” added the Malawi Consul General.

Skeffa, Magagula and other artists

In an interview with MBC Online, Magagula said Dr Lazarus Chakwera has laid a foundation on which entrepreneurs can capitalise and promote the Malawi brand.

“It is true am trying to get Skeffa to perform in Mozambique as a foreign artist on Mozambique’s Independence Day. This is an honour to our country and Malawi’s music industry. The current administration has given us a good platform to promote the Malawi brand. This is just the beginning. We will get more Malawian artists to perform here. Malawi music ranks third in this part of Africa after Nigeria and South Africa so let us be proud,” said Magagula.

Summing up, Skeffa said he is geared up for the show in Tete Mozambique.

“This is an honour to me and my fans. I am ready to give Mozambique the best come the day,” said Skeffa.

Skeffa with the sponsor, Magagula

Magagula Fresh Farms is on a mission to deepen socio-cultural ties between Malawi and Mozambique through the arts industry. – MBC Online Services.



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