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MEC says no voting arrangements for those in diaspora

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Commissioner, Anthony Mukumbwa, has said there are currently no arrangements to allow Malawians living in diaspora to cast their vote while outside the country.

He said Malawians residing abroad who would have registered for the 2025 Presidential, Parliamentary and Local government elections while in the country will not be able to vote as there are currently no laws and arrangements for that.

Mukumbwa was speaking on Thursday in Mzimba during an electoral stakeholder meeting where one of the participants wanted to know whether those who may have registered in Mzimba but by voting day in September 2025 would  be abroad will be allowed to vote using embassy offices.

Most Malawians in districts like Mzimba and Mangochi travel to countries such as South Africa and Tanzania for greener pastures.

The meetings have been organised to brief electoral stakeholders on various issues pertaining to the 2025 elections.

He said the 2025 September elections cycle will start with a launch of the elections in September 2024.


By Joel Phiri, MANA

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