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Maranatha Private Academy Schools says it will follow the government-approved calendar and will keep imparting knowledge to students till 21 December 2023 and will close the term on 22 December 2023 as set by the Ministry of Education.

Social media is awash with notices to parents and guardians to plan effectively as some have announced end-of-term closure as early as 1 December 2023 citing the impact of the devaluation of the Malawi Kwacha.

“I have personally received some phone calls from enquiring parents whether we are closing on December 1. Our management equally has been handling such requests. I would like to emphasise that Maranatha Private Academy Schools as a law-abiding institution will keep teaching and close on the scheduled dates by the Ministry of Education, so parents/guardians shouldn’t panic,” said Enerst Kaonga, Managing Director for Maranatha Private Academy Schools.

The Reserve Bank of Malawi devalued the Malawi Kwacha by 44 percent a development that has seen the market responding in various ways to adapt to the new reality on the ground.




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