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Malawi celebrates World Hand Hygiene Day

A call is going out to people in the country to wash hands with soap or hand sanitiser to curb the transmission of germs which, according to the World Health Organisation, is at 80 percent.
Speaking during an activity at Gogo Chatikha Maternity Wing at Queen Elizabeth Centre Hospital in Blantyre, Donald Zgambo, a Reasearch Assistant at Malawi Liverpool Welcome Programme, pointed out the need for people to be extra careful.
“Following steps of hand wash and having enough resources is the only way of promoting hand hygiene,” he said.
Infection Prevention and Control Officer for Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Wilned Hara, emphasised the need for people to continue washing hands as was the case in the COVID-19 era.
“During COVID, a lot of people followed hand washing hygiene hence as a hospital, we received less cases…let people continue since its one way of preventing infections,” he added.
At the event, Malawi Liverpool Welcome Programme donated 250 litres of hand wash soap.
The day is commemorated on 5 May annually.
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