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‘Make Dele’ hits with mature lyrics about family

Image: [Keturah’s Facebook page]

Keturah’s latest track, ‘Make Dele’ is making waves on the internet, racking up over 20,000 views in a matter of hours.

The song stands out for its mature lyrics about family values.

In ‘Make Dele’, Keturah speaks directly to women, urging them to prioritize family and avoid unnecessary competition within their households.

The catchy chorus sums it up, advising individuals to steer clear of family rivalry:

“Make Dele samalani banja lanu/ Make Dele m’banja simupikisana Make Dele.”

Throughout the song, Keturah critiques certain behaviours, like airing family problems publicly without discretion.

Her straightforward advice, “mkazi wotani woyika banja lako pambalambanda, poyankhula suchita manyaziwe,” stresses the need for privacy and dignity within families, discouraging airing personal matters in public.

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