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Kakhobwe for sustainable reforestation

Full reforestation of Malawi’s lost green cover can be achieved if the trees planted annually are given the much needed care, according to Deputy Minister of Water and Sanitation Liana Chapota Kakhobwe.

She made the statement after leading the Blantyre Water Board (BWB) and its partners in a tree planting exercise at its Mudi Catchment area.

BWB Board Chairperson Joe Ching’ani said they will remain vigilant with measures to ensure survival of the trees.

Close to 30,000 seedlings have been made available to the board by various organization partners to be planted before the tree planting season comes to an end.

Among the partners is the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation.

Meanwhile Traditional Authority Kapeni has called on the board to ensure it engages communities in the tree planting exercises to instill a sense of ownership.


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