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Jenda Cannabis bust leads to arrest of three

Three people have been arrested by Police at Jenda in Mzimba District for unlawful possession of cannabis sativa, commonly known as Chamba.

The suspects, identified as Pilirani Phiri, Stanely Mologeni and Ryford Wagiwa, were arrested while in possession of a significant quantity of the illegal substance.

Mologeni and Wagiwa

The police seized 10 basins of the illicit drug, disguised as tomatoes, with each basin weighing approximately 11 kilogrammes.

Additionally, a sack bag containing 10 kilogrammes of chamba was confiscated.

A fourth suspect managed to avoid arrest, fleeing the scene but leaving behind a laptop bag containing five kilogrammes of the illicit substance.

Macfarlen Mseteka, the Public Relations Officer for Jenda Police Station, said the trio was intercepted at Luviri area while attempting to transport the drugs to Lilongwe. They have been formally charged with the possession of cannabis sativa without a licence.

Law enforcement officers have stressed that the cultivation or possession of cannabis sativa without proper authorisation remains unlawful under the statutes of Malawi.

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