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DPP North governors rally behind Pres. Mutharika

Written by  Alex Mwangosi

All the twenty-two Democratic Progressive Party Political District Governors in the North have reaffirmed their commitment to continue supporting His Excellency the President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for the region to continue receiving development projects aimed at uplifting peoples’ lives.


Speaking during a press conference held in Mzuzu, the District Governors said people in the North are convinced with what President Mutharika is doing in terms of Infrastructural development in the region and the whole country.


They cited the Nkhata Bay-Mzuzu, Njakwa Livinstonia Chitima, Karonga Boma–Songwe and Nyika roads, the Mombera University and many others as some of the major projects the DPP government under Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is implementing in the region.


District Governor for Rumphi West Political District Kondwani Harawa said they are ready to support the President in the convention so that he continues with his projects.


“As governors, we are ready to support Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika at a convention so that he becomes DPP's torch bearer in the 2019 presidential elections. We want him to complete his term of office as stipulated in the country's constitution and complete the development projects he has initiated in the country,” said Harawa.


He then distanced themselves from what the DPP Deputy Regional Governor for the North Afiki Mbewe said claiming the district governors in the North do not support the President.


“What Afiki Mbewe said was his own views because he did not consult any of the governors and I would like to ask him to apologize to us for lying. This is the second time for him to make serious false allegations and from today we don't want to work with him,” reacted Harawa.


And the DPP Regional Governor for the North Kenneth Sanga said he will take the issue of Afiki Mbewe to the party`s secretariat for a disciplinary hearing.


“What the district governors are demanding is a vote of no confidence against Mbewe. I will report to the Secretary General for disciplinary action,” said Sanga.


On changing the party`s presidential candidate, Sanga wondered what the motive behind it would be, saying it does not happen elsewhere.


“What I know is that presidential candidates cannot be changed anyhow. Even in the United States, Britain, South Africa and other countries don`t change a presidential candidates midway in his or her term so we in the DPP will maintain Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika as our torch bearer come 2019,” explained Sanga.


Also present during the press conference were Nick Masebo Presidential Advisor on Unity and Parliamentary Affairs and Joyce Chukukula the Regional Director of Women in the North.

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