No UTM monitor challenged results; UTM does not have alternative results

Written by  MBC Online

The constitutional court hearing the petition of UTM president Saulos Chilima which seeks to nullify the presidential results, on Tuesday heard that the party does not have alternative results nor did any UTM monitor challenge the results of the disputed May 21 poll.

Presidential results not challenged by any UTM monitor. Presidential results not challenged by any UTM monitor.

Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale, in continuing to examine Chilima on the third day, asked the UTM leader: Do you have alternative results?

Chilima: No, I don’t.

He also answered that no UTM monitor challenged the results through sworn statements after signing.

Kaphale: Was the valid vote count not altered?

Chilima: That is correct.


Kaphale: If you had alternative results, would you have brought them to court?


Chilima: Yes, we would have.


Kaphale: Was Tippex used to cheat on valid forms?


Chilima: I can’t say, but they should not have used any Tippex at all.


Kaphale: Was Tippex used to commit fraud?


Chilima: They shouldn’t have used Tippex at all.


Kaphale: Has any monitor denied any signature used on results sheets?


Chilima: Not to my knowledge.


Kaphale: All you are questioning is the use of duplicates. Seeing your monitors sign on these duplicate forms, did you ask them what they were signing for?


Chilima: No, I didn’t.


Kapahale: What kind of results did you tell your monitors to sign for, correct or fake results?


Chilima: Only correct results.


Kaphale: At the tally centre, did you tell your monitors to sign for correct results?


Chilima: That is true.


Kaphale: None of your monitors challenged the signed results?


Chilima: Yes.


Kaphale: Despite signing on duplicates, your monitors were unable to challenge the correctness of the results?


Chilima: That is true, in the absence of original copies.


Kaphale: Do any of your monitors say the duplicate was fake document?


Chilima: For these forms, certainly not to my knowledge.Kaphale: Only one monitor is challenging his signature?


Chilima: That is true.


Kaphale: He doesn’t challenge at the tally centre?


Chilima: That is correct.


Kaphake: Did you your monitors why they signed on duplicate forms?


Chilima: No, I didn’t ask them.


Kaphale: Did they protest results signed on duplicates?


Chlilima: That is not to my knowledge.


Kaphale: Between June and now, no monitor has given you alternative results?


Chilima: Yes, I can confirm.


Kaphale: If they had them, you would have brought them to court?



Chilima: That is correct, after comparison with originals.


Hearing continues Wednesday and Kaphale has indicated that he might finish cross-examining Chilima by the end of day Wednesday before starting cross-examining a new witness.


Chilima's tesmony willmake or break the case.


MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera, who is the second petitioner, is also expected to appear in the witness box.

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