Court slaps three with death sentences for murdering an albino in Mchinji

Written by  MBC Online

The High Court of Malawi on Tuesday convicted and sentenced three -two men and a woman--to death for conniving and gruesomely killing a person with albinism in Mchinji in 2015.

People with Albinism need love and protection People with Albinism need love and protection AFP

The three were  identified as Douglas Mwale, Fontino Folosani and Sophie Jere,who  were accused of murdering Priscott Pepuzani in 2015, using a metal bar and a hoe handle, before chopping off his limbs and later burying his body in a garden.


in passing sentence, Judge Esmie Chombo said the court found and proved beyond reasonable doubt that the three murdered the victim.


Chombo said: “The sentence is a warning and a deterrent to would be offenders as murders of people with albinism are becoming rampant.”


The landmark ruling has been applauded by various communities in Malawi, including albino-rights activists and lawyers.


“Given the nature of the crime and the circumstances Mr. Pepuzani was killed, we are satisfied with this sentence which created trauma and panic to persons with albinism in the country," Mathews Kamadzi, government attorney told local media.


Persons with albinism in Malawi are facing attacks and killings due to superstitious beliefs, promises of prosperity and negative mystification of albinism.


There have been at least 25 killings of people with albinism since 2014, a spree that has spread terror through the 134,000-strong albino community.


Early May this year, the High Court also sentenced another killer Willard Mikaele to death for murdering 19-year-old albino Mphatso Pensulo in 2017.

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