Madonna visits Mercy James Center on its 1st Anniversary

Written by  Litness Chaima

American pop singer Madonna says she is impressed to note that the Mercy James Centre for Paediatric Surgery and Intensive Care has become the centre of excellence in as far as assisting children is concerned.

Madonna and Davie speaking to the members of the press Madonna and Davie speaking to the members of the press

Madonna said this in Blantyre when she toured the centre to celebrate a one year anniversary of the hospital, check progress and operational duties of the hospital; adding that the center has registered tremendous success.


Visiting the centre after a year together with her four adopted children including Mercy whom the hospital was named after, Madonna was all smiles to note that the hospital has among other things performed 1,690 surgeries, admitted 300 patients in the ICU and most of all, for the first time in the country’s history, the centre also successfully conducted an operation that separated conjoined twins.


“I am thrilled to see that the Mercy James Centre has become a center of excellence in Malawi in just one year and I am grateful to many partners including the Ministry of Health who have worked with Raising Malawi to make this centre a success. Our achievements have exceeded our expectations and we will continue with our mission to better serve the children of this country,” said Madonna.


Madonna who says Malawi is her second home, thanked government for its support that has made the Mercy James Centre successful. The pop singer added that her charitable organization Raising Malawi has exceeded expectations and pledged to continue with her mission to serve better the children of Malawi.


Chief Paediatric Surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital Professor Eric Bogstein said the centre is helping a lot of children. Bogstein also said that the separated twins are making positive progress.


“The Mercy James Center keeps improving livelihoods of many children that visit it. We receive many cases in a day and we work to the best of our ability to make sure that we assist these children of their ailments. Recently, we had a successful operation of conjoined twins and I am pleased to report that these two are recovering well,” said Profesor Bogstein.


The Mercy James Centre has the country’s first Paediatric Intensive Care Unit, three operating theatres dedicated to surgery in children, a day clinic and a 50 bed ward.

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