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Police intensify hunt for murderers of man with albinism in Nkhata Bay

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Police have intensified their hunt for criminals who have brutally murdered a man with albinism near Kande in Nkhata Bay District.


The deceased, Yasin Phiri, 54 of Mundiyeghe Village T/A Fukamapiri was murdered as he slept in his house with his 9 year old son at around 10 pm on December 31, 2018.

According to Police Publicist at Nkhata Bay Police Peter Kalaya, the criminals broke into the house through the window and stabbed him to death right in his bedroom before dragging him a distance of about 20 metres where they chopped both his hands and run away.

His 9 year old son who was sleeping in a separate room was threatened not to shout or call for help or else they would also kill him.

And according to the brother of the deceased, John Banda, he told police that two of his sons were at Kande for business while his wife had gone to her home village as the two had some marital issues to sort out.

The police rushed to the scene only to find out that the criminals had already chopped off the deceased's hands and had fled the scene.

Postmortem conducted at Chintheche Rural Hospital revealed that the deceased died of severe loss of blood. Meanwhile, Police in the region have instituted intensive investigations to apprehend the criminals.

They further advise the general public to report to them or relevant authorities of suspicious people in their areas.

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