MEC urges MPLC members to be tolerant ahead of 2019 polls

Written by  Christina Matoga -MEC Stringer

As one way of having free, fair and credible tripartite elections next year, Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has urged members of Multiparty Liaison Committee (MPLC) members from Salima and Nkhotakota districts to be transparent and accountable when resolving disputes among political parties.

A citizen casting a vote in past election A citizen casting a vote in past election

Speaking on Monday during an opening of two day Conflict Management and Disputes Resolution training at Blue Waters Hotel in Salima, MEC Commissioner Linda Kunje said the Commission depends on MPLC in resolving misunderstandings of political parties at grassroot level hence the formation of the committee in each and every district.


“As a peace building mechanism during the country’s elections MEC initiated MPLC since 2000 so that the committee must beresponsible in promoting peace and understanding among all parties involved in the election and we depend on you to resolve misunderstandings among political parties especially at district level,” she said.


She then advised all political parties to be tolerant and avoid quarrels in preparation for the 2019 tripartite polls adding that this will enhance and promote democracy and peace among the electorate.


Concurring with the Commissioner, Chief Elections Officer for the Commission Sam Alufandika said the commission has decided to incorporate youth and women in the membership of the committee to promote peace during election.

Alufandika said 3,810,020 women registered representing 56% and 3,735,894 youth registered representing 54% hence the need for them to be part and parcel of MPLC.


“As a commission we decided to engage women and the youth to be members of the committee in every district to ensure that their voices are also held in promoting peace at grassroot level when disputes and misunderstandings occur especially among different political parties,"  he said.


He further said most political parties use young people in promoting violence hence the involvement of the youth in MPLC to promote peace in preparation for the polls.


He also observed that women naturally do not like violence hence the need for them to be members of the committee so they can assist in promoting peace among the electorate through MPLC.


The training was organized by Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) with financial assistance from UNDP.

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