TV Team

Angel Chima Angel Chima

 Role with MBC: Principal Producer

 Programmes: Intergosepl Mix, Home & Garden, Exclusive Interview & Anchors news

 Date Appointed: August 2001


Arthur Chokotho Arthur Chokotho

 Role with MBC: Producer, Presenter, Videographer

 Programmes: Overseeing broadcasting of Local Films& Good Morning Malawi

 Date Appointed: October 2005




 Mike Mlongoti

 Role with MBCProducer & Presenter

 Programmes: Speak Out (Tikambe), Zapaphata & Special Documentaries

 Date Appointed: July 2010



 Beatrice Juma

 Role with MBC: Reporter & Nkani Anchor

 Programmes: MBC Nkhani & MBC News Outlook

 Date Appointed: June 2001

 Facebook: Beatrice Juma 


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Malawi Broadcasting Corporation is a public broadcaster mandated and formed by Government under an Act of Parliament in 1964, to enhance the successful implementation of all its social and economic programs...

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