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U-turn: ‘I am a true Wanderers son’-Joseph Kamwendo

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Midfielder Joseph Kamwendo has finally made up his mind not to leave Mighty Be Forward Wanderers, claiming his recent outbursts and moves were motivated by the illness of his mother.

Kamwendo:I hope this will put rumours to rest Kamwendo:I hope this will put rumours to rest

This has, potentially, put to rest all the controversies that surrounded Kamwendo’s much publicized move to Master Security FC.

Kamwendo expressed gratitude that the Lali Lubani side has promised to support him on the issue of his mother’s illness.

“There have been lots of stories circulating about my reasons for wanting to join Master Security with many alleging that I had pocketed money already. I hope this decision to stay at Wanderers will put those rumours to rest.

“Out of desperation due to the condition of my mother, I  might have done or said some things that offended the Wanderers family. I just want to apologize to all supporters, officials and sponsors if that was the case. I am a true Wanderers son and everything I did or said was because I was worried and desperate. I want to concentrate on my football now and help my club to achieve our targets for this year. I will not comment on this issue again,” said Kamwendo.

Wanderers’ vice- Chairperson, Gift Mkandawire, confirmed holding a meeting with Kamwendo on Monday to map the way forward following his surprise resignation last week when he accused the Nomads of breaching his contract.

The midfielder later claimed that he wanted to be closer to his ill mother in Mchinji District.

Mkandawire said during the meeting, it emerged that Kamwendo was going through difficult times.

“We learnt that the issue was not to do with his failure to clinch a deal in Japan but it is to do with family issues at his home village in Mchinji. I do not want to say much about his ill mum, but as Wanderers, we need to understand him,” Mkandawire explained.

Kamwendo, whose career has, since 2004, taken him to Zimbabwe, Denmark, South Africa, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo, resigned at Wanderers last week, barely a week after arriving from Japan where he went for trials alongside striker Peter Wadabwa.

Kamwendo and Wadabwa failed to secure deals in Japan. While in Japan, the duo accused Wanderers’ officials of timing the trip poorly as they arrived in the Asian nation when teams were on off-season break.

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