Parliament Passes Malawi Engineering Institution Bill

Written by  Doreen Sonani

Parliament has passed the Malawi Engineering Institution Bill which among others, seeks to repeal the Engineers Act of 1972 legislation and establish engineering institution that will be regulating the engineering profession in the country.

Jappie Mhango, Minister of transport believes the bill will bring sanity in the field Jappie Mhango, Minister of transport believes the bill will bring sanity in the field

Presenting the bill in the National Assembly, Minister of Transport and Public Works Jappie Mhango said the current Engineers Act is in most provisions considered outdated and not consistent with the needs of modern engineering.


“Under the current legislation the enforcement of some provisions of the bill was facing challenges including delays in the registration of
professionals, lack of continuous professional development as well as enforcement of engineering standards,” says Mhango.


The Minister adds that the bill is important because it will help improve quality of work in areas of infrastructure development in the
country. The bill therefore provides a new legal framework that will be able to compressively deal with challenges and new developments in
the profession.


In their responses, opposition party spokespersons starting with Everson Makowa Mwale of MCP among other things applauded government for crafting and presenting the bill in Parliament saying it will bring sanity in the engineering profession. Makowa Mwale said the bill comprehensively tackles cross–cutting issues in engineering from training to regulation of professionals and companies to reduce sub-standard work by some companies.


Representative of the People’s Party James Munthali said once enacted, the bill will enhance sanity in the engineering fraternity and it will also enhance close monitoring and supervision of engineering works. Other members also welcomed the bill before it was passed.


The House also passed a bill that seeks to authorize government to obtain funds amounting to approximately K37 Billion from the International Development Aid to finance investment in early years for growth and productivity in Malawi Project.


Presenting the bill, Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe said the project focus is on delivering short and long term changes in nutrition, early childhood learning and positive parenting practices aimed at reducing stunting in Malawi. The project will be implemented in 13 districts of the country and is expected to benefit about 1.2 million children.

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