Parliament suspends National Intelligence Services Bill

Written by  Eunice Ndhlovu

Parliament has suspended the passing of the National Intelligence Services Bill which seeks to normalize the service of the National Intelligence Bureau in order to strengthen the monitoring of external and internal threats.


According to Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu the bill aims at putting up proper legal frame work for National Intelligence Service so that it should have the proper structures.

The bill was presented in the House during the previous sitting and was then referred to a joint Committee of the Legal Affairs, Security and Defense for further scrutiny.

When Parliament met on Wednesday, Chairperson of the Committee Maxwell Thyolera presented the findings of the committee upon which the House started debate on the bill.

But during the committee stage, members did not agree on some of the amendments which necessitated for the suspension of the bill to give chance to the Minister of Justice and Chairperson of the joint committee to discuss some issues.

After the suspension, the Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu said the adjournment gives room to the amendments that were circulated in the House to be properly documented according to the standing orders of Malawi Parliament.

“This is just a formal way of doing things in the House as per our standing orders because we would love to have a law that is conclusive and help the nation,” said Tembenu.

Joint Chairperson of the Legal Affairs, Security and Defence Committee of Parliament Maxwell Thyolera concurred with the Minister saying the suspension of the bill will enable the members to further scrutinize it so that the National Intelligence Service becomes an independent institution.

The National Intelligence Services is bill number 13 of 2017 which is expected to normalize the services of the National Intelligence Bureau among others once the law is passed.

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