Police bemoan increase of defilement cases in Lilongwe

Written by  MANA

Police in Lilongwe have bemoaned the increase of defilement cases in the district following receipt of high number of such cases since January this year.


Lilongwe Police Station Inspector, Kingsley Dandaula, revealed that they have received 14 cases of defilement cases starting from the month of January to date, which is different from last year around the same time when they received 11 reports of defilement cases.


Dandaula largely attributed the situation to insufficient or lack of positive parental care.


“Some parents send young girls to market without anyone accompanying them at night to buy things, which put them at risk of being defiled,” Dandaula said.


He said due to influence of alcohol and ritual practices, many girls are being abused by some people who are ill-advised by witch doctors to sleep with a young girl so as to get rich, which Dandaula said is not true.


The police officer then appealed to parents and the general public not to send little girls on errands at night, if so, they should be with someone to escort them. He also warned that anyone found on ritual practices involving defilement of girls would be arrested.

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