Bishop Ryan commends government on road infrastructure

Written by  Emmanuel Chitambuli

Bishop for Mzuzu Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church, Rev. Father John Ryan has commended government for constructing good and durable roads in the country.

John Ryan, Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese John Ryan, Bishop of Mzuzu Diocese

Father Ryan said this because of the Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay road currently under construction.

“The road from Mzuzu to Nkhata Bay as you know is one of best roads we have now, it is being finalized at the moment and this road emphasizes on the importance of taking it slow and arrive alive,” commended Bishop of Mzuzu diocese.

Bishop Ryan has since appealed to road users to be responsible when using the country’s roads.

Ryan said, “During the festive season, as a church, we reminded people on the dangers of driving under alcohol influence. It is a mixture which is bound to lead to disaster and all the times, we try to make emphasis on those two things: not to drink and drive rather to drive slowly to reach our various destinations.”

The Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay road is expected to be completed by April this year and has received praises from various circles in the country including the faith groups as a commendable.

Apart from this road, Government is also constructing the Njakwa-Livingstonia-Chitimba road in Rumphi and many city roads in Mzuzu just to mention a few in the Northern Region.

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