Tennis star Federer pumps in K8 billion for Malawian toddlers

Written by  MBC Online

Top professional tennis star Roger Federer has pumped in K8.1 billion ( $10.5 million) for Malawi’s early childhood education, in a programme called School Readiness Programme, which runs up to 2025.

Federer: His fortunes supporting needy children in Malawi Federer: His fortunes supporting needy children in Malawi

Janine Handel, CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation (RFF) on Tuesday signed an MOU with Erica Maganga, PS for Minister of Gender, Children and Disability and Social Welfare at Capital Hill, committing themselves to efforts to increase participation in organised learning and school readiness of children before they enter primary school.

Handel said the investment was geared to give “poor and vulnerable learners a good start into formal education.”


“It is a step forward. We are happy with this collaboration and will continue what we have been doing for nine years. We want every child in Malawi to have a good start in education and smooth transition to primary school,” Handel said.


Maganga hailed RFF for continued investment in Malawi children, saying studies had shown that if  children are not well prepared for school, they do not progress in education.

“This programme is very important because it will give our children a good start in life,” the PS added.

The programme will be implemented in 19 districts.


RFF aims to promote living conditions of poor children in southern Africa and Switzerland, the home of Feederer, in early childhood care and education.

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