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Morgan Heritage coming back to Malawi

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Jamaican music group, Morgan Heritage is set to return to Malawi on April 30 for music unite festival, MBC online understands.


The much anticipated Morgan Heritage show by the Jamaican Reggae outfit on Sunday failed to live to its billing as contrary to people’s expectations the band opted for a CD performance.


First of all we would like to thank all the people of Malawi that came to the event last night. It was a historic night to be with you all.


 Kemet Forum, a grouping of Pan-African professionals advocating for legalization of Industrial Hemp in Malawi, says it is satisfied with the response and support it received during an awareness campaign held at Lilongwe Golf Club on Sunday.

The grouping engaged the Malawian reggae outfit Black Missionaries who performed during the event dubbed as “Legalisation of Industrial Hemp Festival.”

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