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Prisons awarded with centers in 2019 TPE

Written by  Erah Pinifolo - MEC STRINGER

Having been treated as sub-centers for the past five elections, Prisons in Malawi have now been given their own centers in the 2019 tripartite elections. This has been done due to the increase of inmates that these prisons are having.

Mwale - Matchaya Prison Officer In Charge Mwale - Matchaya Prison Officer In Charge

The development has been made during the exercise where the Malawi Electoral Commission added more centers so as to reduce the number of distances that voters travel in-order to exercise their human right.


Officer in Charge of Matchaya (Kasungu) Prison, Super Supt. Kalirani J.C. Mwale said that they were very excited that they have been recognized as a centre.


This is a very important thing to them since they are law enforcer's and for security reasons it will be easier for them to make sure that the inmates are safe and secure.


"This serves as a chance for these inmates to register for the national identities because the National Registration Bureau did not register them and also prison staff will be able to register quickly and resume their duties," said Mwale.


He also confirmed that MEC has been holding a number of voter civic education to the inmates on the importance of voter registration and also that leaflets and posters were distributed for them to read.


Matchaya Prison holds 345 inmates and 97 plus staff members.

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