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Musicians crucial in the socio-economic development of the country

Written by  Mike Mkwala

Musicians have been called upon to embrace messages of development and unity in their songs, as part of civic educating masses on different things happening in the country.


DPP Deputy Director of Women, Caroline Mfune, was speaking in Mzuzu when she was Guest of Honor during the launch of Ndikudikilirani CD by artist Owen Kayange.


“The importance of music in a society cannot be over emphasized, apart from entertainment aspects, various pieces of music carry information which if taken seriously may build or destruct.


“With various development projects taking place in the country, musicians need to take a leading role in civic educating the masses,” said Mfune.


The show which saw various artists across the country sharing the stage; the likes of Evance Meleka, Peter Uyu Mulangeni, Favoured Martha, Martha Kasambala, Dyton Mbewe and other music giants including the host, Owen Kayange was not spared of drama.

Off tune and rehearsing on the stage, was of bad taste to the audience who had come in numbers to support the show.


“More has to be done in terms of performance. Musicians should avoid giving raw deals to supporters,” said Temwachi Nyirenda one of the people who came to watch the show, in relation to Kayange’s performance which was not much impressive.

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