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Take lead in climate change fight, tertiary institutions urged

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As the world is facing the biggest environmental challenge our generation has ever seen, tertiary institutions have been called upon to take part in mitigating problems that come with climate change.

Deforestation is a climate change factor Deforestation is a climate change factor

Dr Merlene Chikuni of the University of Malawi, Chancellor College says tertiary institutions have a critical role to play in order to protect the environment. She says institutions of higher learning need to have programmes that can help in the battle against climate change.


She adds that the tertiary institutions need to have programmes and initiatives that aim at producing required skills as well as carrying out research that can help to deal with problems associated with climate change.


“Tertiary institutions have a critical role to play in preparing society to adapt to the impacts of climate change by providing training, research and outreach services around adaptation. As Chancellor College we are doing our part, so far we have a number of interventions related to climate change together with other stakeholders,” says Dr Chikuni.


Dr Chikuni (L) addressing environmental journalists


According to Chikuni, deforestation is one of the environmental issues that Malawi is facing. As a solution, she says her department at Chancellor College will host a conference to share best practices on waste management among others.


“Institutions of higher learning are unique in their ability to bring the full array of disciplines to bear on the problem of climate change. They have the responsibility to train students across the disciplines so that they may lead the way in developing solutions to this global challenge,” she added.

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