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APM wants politicians out of timber business

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President Peter Mutharika has directed that politicians, mainly those from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) should be flushed out of timber business, saying they are influencing illegal activities.

The Emptied Viphya Plantations The Emptied Viphya Plantations

Natural Resources, Energy and Mines Minister Bright Msaka told a local newspaper that people have been accusing Raiply of benefiting from Viphya Plantations when government officials and other politicians were exporting timber without replanting.

Msaka also said that a number of trucks loaded with timber were leaving the country with the help of politicians and no one seemed to care about the depletion of the forest.

“When a minister or other politicians are involved, it is hard to combat illegal activities. The President directed me that no politician should be allowed in the forest. Politicians influence illegal activities and people use them to get away when they are breaching rules. The President does not want to see or hear of any official from DPP or ministers being involved in such activities,” said Msaka.

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