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CFTC for more market awareness of its mandate

Written by  McDonald Chiwayula

The Competition and Fair Trading Commission says it has stepped up efforts to sensitize the consumers and traders on the roles it plays on the market.

Innocent Helema, Economist, CFTC. Innocent Helema, Economist, CFTC.

Speaking from Chichiri Trade Fair Grounds in Blantyre where the Commission is participating in the 30th Malawi International Trade Fair, Innocent Helema, one of the economists for the Commission says some consumers and firms do not precisely understand its responsibilities hence failing to make use of CFTC in time of need.



“We are participating in this year’s International Trade Fair with a focus on enhancing market education. Currently there are some consumers and firms who have failed to report unfair trading practices to us since they are not sure of our mandate. We want to take advantage of our presence here to reach as many consumers & firms as possible,” said Helema.


CFTC officers attending to a visitor at their pavilion 


CFTC also disclosed that it has organised a business clinic that will bring together various business stakeholders for round table discussions on some pertinent issues relating to competition and fair trading on the market.


“We have lined up business clinics during the course of the fair. Through these sessions we highlight our mandate on the market and we bring out case studies as examples of unfair trading practices. The overall objective is to enhance awareness on rights and responsibilities for consumers and traders on the market so that rules of competition and fair trade are upheld.”


CFTC was established by an act of parliament and it is charged with the responsibility to enforce The Competition and Fair Trading Act which seeks to promote fair trade.

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