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Boy drowns in Dowa

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A 16 year old boy from Traditional Authority Chiwere in Dowa has died after drowning in a dam where he, together with his friends, went to swim, the district’s Police publicist Richard Kaponda has confirmed.


Recounting the death to MBC, Kaponda said the boy, Chikaiko Jossam Kasinje, together with his friends went to Kanyenje dam to swim using a banana stem. But, while enjoying the swim, he lost balance and the stem overturned.

“Immediately his friends run to the nearby village to look for elders to rescue the boy but it was too late. The boy was found already dead,” said Kaponda.                                                                       

According to the Dowa Police PRO, postmortem conducted at Chakhungu Health Centre indicated that death was due to suffocation.

Police has since advised members of the general public not to leave children alone to go for swiming.       

The deceased came from Sangu village in the area of Traditional Autholity (T/A) Chiwere in Dowa district.                                                                                           

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