First Lady Courts women in diaspora

Written by  MacDonald Chiwayula

First Lady Professor Gertrude Mutharika says women in diaspora can play a meaningful role in contributing to the socio-economic development of the country. The First Lady was speaking in London on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

First Lady Mutharika poses in a group photo First Lady Mutharika poses in a group photo

During the meeting the First Lady took time to elaborate on various national initiatives she is championing in the country such as enhancing girl child education. On this point Professor Mutharika said a significant number of girls have been withdrawn from early marriages and re-enrolled in various schools across the country.

The First Lady further said it is her wish and dream to see to it that the girl child is accorded conducive environment for learning. She applauded all key stakeholders who have joined hands with her efforts of ending teen marriages.

In addition she articulated the role Beautify Malawi Trust is playing in environmental conservation such as the tree planting exercises BEAM carried out during the tree planting season. Professor Mutharika also touched on promotion of sanitation and hygiene that the trust is spearheading in the country.

Representative of women living in UK, Dr. Nesa Alifazema Chatuwa, said as women in diaspora they felt encouraged on the roles the First Lady is playing in education, environmental conservation hygiene and sanitation.

“Basically this meeting mainly was for the women in diaspora to meet with the First Lady and to network with each other. There are common issues that Malawian ladies in diaspora are pursuing for the betterment of our homeland. But we feel working individually won’t help us realize the full potential, that’s why we had to meet the First Lady so we can discuss and start working together,” said Dr. Chatuwa.

Meanwhile the Malawi Leader, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is scheduled to meet all Malawians living in London before flying to Scotland.

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